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Basic wood styles

Wood styles can be divided into a few categories:
  • Highly figured - these woods have high contrast in the grain of the wood. Examples include zebra, olive, and spalted tamarind.
  • Colorful - these woods have less grain, but more lively colors. Examples include purpleheart, redheart, yellowheart, and woods dyed various colors.
  • Traditional - these woods include well known domestic woods like walnut and oak, and more exotic woods like bubinga and cocobolo.
Take a look at the Wood Gallery and the various products for examples.

Bethlehem Olive Wood

This wood comes from olive trees in and around Bethlehem, the Galilee region of Israel, which was the home of Jesus for at least 30 years of his life. It is crafted from trees with roots dating back to biblical times. Because the wood is from the Holy Land, it makes for wonderful conversation pieces. Each piece has a unique figure and history.

Olive trees live and produce fruit for hundreds of years. The older the tree is, the broader and more gnarled the trunk appears. Its root system is so robust that it can regenerate the tree even if the aboveground structure is destroyed. This dramatic and beautiful wood is milled from prunings and trees that no longer produce fruit. No trees are harmed in the production of this wood product.

Pink Ivory Wood

Pink ivory (Berchemia zeyheri), also called purple ivory, red ivory, umnini or umgoloty, is an African hardwood used to make a variety of products. It is not real ivory, and doesn´t even look much like ivory. You may have seen news of a trick allegedly being used on ivory-producing animals to protect their tusks: the ivory is theoretically sprayed with environmentally safe, non-toxic pink paint to make it less attractive to poachers. Whether true or not, that is not the source of pink ivory wood. No animals are harmed in the production of this wood product.

Exotic natural materials

Talk about Exotic natural materials here. Maecenas tincidunt in tellus ut vulputate. Curabitur quis maximus est, sed ultricies magna. Nullam sed risus urna. Vestibulum sed luctus quam.
  • Deer antler
  • Water buffalo horn - sourced from managed domesticated herds, maintained by the Indian Department of Husbandry and Dairying. This material is obtained post harvest and none of the animals are killed simply for their horns.
  • Tagua nut - a seed from a tagua palm tree which grows in South America and has been used for carvings, jewelry and buttons since the time of Queen Victoria.
  • Banksia pod - the fruit of the Australian banksia tree. It takes several years for the pods to mature. The pods are hard and solid, with seed pod cavities running from the outside toward the center core.
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Bamboo - one of the most “green” and renewable plants on earth. Bamboo grows quickly and is ready to be harvested in months as opposed to many hardwood trees that can take 50 years or so to mature.

Acrylics and other artificial materials

Talk about acrylics and other artificial materials here. Maecenas tincidunt in tellus ut vulputate. Curabitur quis maximus est, sed ultricies magna. Nullam sed risus urna. Vestibulum sed luctus quam.

Gun oriented pens

Pens made from large caliber shell casings, or from kits that look like guns, are increasingly popular nowadays, perhaps because of the controversy over 2nd Amendment rights, “conceal and carry”, guns on campus, etc.

I choose not to make pens that look like guns or from shell casings. It´s a personal thing. There are a lot of penmakers. If you want a 2nd Amendment pen, go for it. Someone will make it for you. CVS Pharmacy decided to let someone else sell tobacco. I´ll let someone else sell guns and bullets.

And somebody please explain to me the meaning of the words well regulated and militia ...


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